"Blood Sweat & Tears" MV that hit 800 million views.

The music video of the group BTS (BTS) "Blood Sweat Tears" was honored to surpass 800 million views on YouTube today (10th), the fifth anniversary of its release.

Big Hit Music, the agency, said the number of views on BTS' "Blood Sweat Tears" music video exceeded 800 million around 2:52 p.m. today (10th), exactly five years after it was released on October 10, 2016.

Meanwhile, the BTS music video, which has exceeded 800 million views on YouTube, is the seventh after DNA, Poetry for the Small Things, Dynamite, Microphone Drop remix, Fake Love and Idol.

"Blood Sweat Tears" is the title song of BTS' 2nd full-length album "Wings", and it's about the conflict and sex of youth in temptation.

It is a Mumbaton trap genre song that depicts the chapter, and the music video has been loved by fans by dissolving various metaphors in colorful sets and sensuous and magnificent production.

In addition, the "Wings" album entered the U.S. Billboard's main album chart "Billboard 200" and was the first Korean singer to be listed on the U.K. official album chart, which is considered one of the top two pop charts along with the Billboard.