BTS ALBUM _ BTS new dynamite record

It is still setting a new record with the digital single "Dynamite" released by the group BTS (BTS) last year.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard, a U.S. music media outlet, on the 26th (local time), "Diamite" ranked 45th on the main single chart "Hot 100." Even though it has been six months since its release, it is still ranked in the top 50 and shows off its status as a global hit song.

The healing song and disco pop genre's "Dinermite," which conveys a message of hope, ranked second on the "Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.) 200" chart and sixth on the "Billboard Global 200" chart, which ranks streaming and sales in more than 200 regions around the world.

BTS was released on August 21 last year as a "Dinermite" and became the first Korean singer to enter the "Hot 100" chart at the same time, breaking the record for the longest time as a Korean singer by entering the top 10 of the "Hot 100" chart more than 13 times.

In addition, BTS became the first Korean singer to be nominated for the BEST POP DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE category at the GRAMMY AWARDS, the most prestigious pop music awards in the U.S., as well as winning 30 awards on domestic music broadcasts.

The number of views on YouTube for the music video exceeded 800 million on the 24th. It added 100 million views in about a month after surpassing 700 million views in December last year. When the music video was released, the number of simultaneous users exceeded 3 million, rewriting the YouTube Premier viewing record. The number of views reached 101 million in 24 hours is also a new record on YouTube.

#22 weeks in Hot 100 #30...a new record for BTS' Dynamite

BTS has continued to play on various charts with the title song "Life Goes On" and "BE" (Deluxe Edition), which were released simultaneously around the world in November last year.

Rain ranked 59th on the main album chart "Billboard 200," ranked 1st on the "World Album," 6th on the "Independent Album," 14th on "Top Album Sales" and 19th on the "Top Current Album Sales." Life Goes On ranked 5th in World Digital Song Sales, 55th in Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.), and 88th in Billboard Global 200, respectively.