BTS ALBUM _ 'Dynamite,' a global hit in name and reality…#2 on the U.S.

"Dynamite" is a global hit song in name and reality. The group BTS (BTS) is still popular on the U.S. Billboard's global chart.

According to the latest chart (January 23rd) released by Billboard, a U.S. music media outlet, BTS's digital single "Dynamite" ranked second on the "Billboard Global" chart and third on the "Billboard Global 200" chart.

The Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.) charts are ranked by aggregating streaming and sales in more than 200 regions around the world. In particular, BTS has topped the Billboard Global (excluding the United States) a total of eight times, the most number one since the chart was created.

Dynamite has been running for six months, maintaining its top spot on other charts in the Billboard charts. It ranked 35th on the Billboard main chart "Hot 100", 6th on the "Digital Song Sales", 9th on the "Top Thriller Global", 15th on "Adult Pop Air Play", 17th on "Adult Contemporary Pop Song", 22nd on "Mexico Inglas Air Play", 22nd and 27th on the "CAP" respectively.

The new album "BE (Deluxe Edition)" and the title track "Life Goes On," released in November last year, also reaffirmed their popularity on the charts. "BE" ranked 50th on the main album chart "Billboard 200", ranked No. 1 on the "World Album", No. 6 on the "Independent Album", No. 11 on "Top Current Album Sales" and No. 12 on the "Top Album Sales". "Life Goes On" ranked third in "World Digital Song Sales," 53rd in "Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.), and 84th in "Billboard Global 200," respectively.

Meanwhile, BTS topped the 2020 Annual Albums Chart released by the official music chart Gaon Chart, and has continued to hit the jackpot by achieving 10 million albums in Korea and Japan in 2020.