BTS ALBUM _ V, please sign Baek Jong-won.

While world star BTS (BTS) made a surprise appearance as Baek Jong-won's Daddy-Lia-Jeo, V and RM asked Baek Jong-won to sign autographs.

SBS entertainment program "Tasty Man's Square," which aired on the 28th, depicts Baek Jong-won working on a K-ham project to save the Handon farm. On the same day, Baek Jong-won met with the chairman of the Handon Association in person, as well as had related conversations with Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin through text messages.

He called BTS RM and asked, "I think it would be helpful to promote Bangtan's delicious ham."
BTS's mukbang is aimed at promoting "K-ham" to the world. The members suggested a collaboration with BTS's YouTube channel "Run BTS," saying, "We eat incredibly well."

On the show, BTS members divided into teams to compete in cooking using ham recipes. While cooking, V asked, "Teacher, my mom learned how to cook from her, so could you give me an autograph afterwards?" Baek Jong-won was embarrassed, saying, "Do you want me to sign?"

"In fact, I was asked to sign," said RM.

It's my first time asking someone to sign. "My mother told me not to come home if I don't get it," he said. V said, "I'm sorry, but I really need it," and Baek Jong-won smiled pleasedly at the two.

Meanwhile, SBS' "Tasty Man's Square" is a program that develops new menus using local specialties or local food to save Korean farmers and is broadcast every Thursday at 9 p.m.