BTS, Jonno, Onalchi...The year-end show that disappeared, I watch it online.

At the end of the year, the mega-performance that continued as if it had been waiting for disappeared. Large singers headed to Seoul as if they were ending their national tour, and "The Nutcracker" and "Year-end Concert" came like a spinning song, but the atmosphere of this year is different. That is not to say that the "doors of performance" have been completely closed. The world of performances, where "end-of-the-year special" disappeared, turned its head online. From BTS to the Music Festival, the audience is waiting for the first row of their home turf.

A joint performance by BTS and Big Hit Labels artists who had the hottest year of 2020 will be held on the 31st. The concert will also be held at 9:30 p. The name of the concert is "2021 New Year's Eve Live," which is also waiting for a new year. The theme of the concert was "We've connected." A Big Hit official explained, "We planned their performance to convey a message of comfort and hope to music fans around the world through the music connection at a time when physical meetings are difficult due to the fandom."