BTS over BTS

"Is there a special performance that gives you hope? The choreography of the group BTS's new song "Permission to Dance" comes from this concern. The choreography contains a cheerful chorus of international sign language, "Nananana," which means fun, dance and peace. Deaf people are posting dance videos on social networking sites, saying, "The BTS asks for a dance."

It is prejudice that deaf people cannot enjoy music. They enjoy music using devices such as hearing aids. If you almost lose your hearing, you can feel the music through the length and intensity of vibration by increasing the volume. Lyla, a deaf and webtoon writer, also revealed that she is a fan of the British rock group Queen. There are about 300,000 deaf people in our country, and about 1.5 billion deaf people in the world. BTS reached out to them, saying that disability cannot be a stumbling block to music.

The dance song, which repeats the lyrics, "Dance does not need permission," is like a cheering song that relieves depressed feelings of people who are tired of coronavirus 19. The song entered the Billboard main single chart "Hot 100" on the 19th. He topped the list with butter, which had topped the list for seven consecutive weeks. As a result, BTS recorded five top songs in 10 months and two weeks. It took more than a month for Michael Jackson, the king of pop, to reach the top with five songs (9 months and two weeks).

BTS's high-altitude march was possible thanks to its passionate fandom culture. BTS and fan club ARMY use the slang 'I purple you' instead of 'I purple you'. Purple, the last color of the rainbow, means "let's love without changing" because there is no other color behind it. ARMYs of various races are active in donating through YouTube. It was thanks to these fans that BTS was able to exert good influence, including his speech to the U.N. General Assembly.

In the "Permission to Dance" music video, performers from various occupations, races and generations dance together at the end wearing masks. It may mean that he will convey hope to people around the world who are tired of Pandemics that their daily lives can be restored someday by overcoming the crisis with a spirit of coexistence, not hatred for certain races. The music video teaser (a curious advertisement) also included announcing the opening of the BTS concert after corona in 2022. There will be fans who are excited for a while. I hope that next year, the "concert permit" with no heat check, no personnel limit, or distance will become a reality.