BTS's "Diamite," the first "Top 5" on the U.S. radio office success for four months

The group BTS (BTS) made its first-ever "Top 5" on the U.S. Billboard radio chart with its hit song "Dynamic."

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on the 15th (local time), the song ranked fifth on the "Pop Songs" radio chart, up one notch from the previous week.

The "Pop Songs" chart is one of various kinds of radio charts on Billboard, which ranks about 160 major radio stations in the U.S. that play the "Top 40" music program by tallying the number of broadcasts in a week.

It is the first time that BTS has made it to the top five on the chart, and it has also broken its own record for Korean pop music.

"Dynamite" ranked ninth for the first time on the 3rd of last month, recording its first 10th place, and has since gradually risen to seventh and sixth place.

The song ranked 10th on the "Radio Song" chart, one of the main Billboard charts, just like last week.

BTS has been weak in radio broadcasting, a window through which songs can be easily exposed to the American public by releasing songs consisting mainly of Korean lyrics.

However, since "Dynamic" is a disco pop genre song composed of English lyrics, the number of exposure on U.S. radio has increased since its release.

MediaBase, a chart analyzing the number of U.S. radio broadcasts, counted the number of radio broadcasts for a week from the 8th to the 14th, and "Dynamic" ranked fifth among all songs.

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency, said, "With 'Dinemite,' BTS proved that it has broken down high entry barriers and settled on the mainstream of the U.S."

Thanks to its propaganda on the radio, the song has continued to be a long-running hit on the main single chart, "Hot 100."

"Diamite" reached No. 24 on the chart this week. Although it is down 14 notches from last week, it is a good ranking considering that the song came out four months ago and that a considerable number of carols were placed at the top ahead of Christmas.

The song is still at the top of the "Digital Song Sales" chart (2nd), "Global 200" chart (5th), and "Global 200 (excluding the U.S.) chart (3rd).

BTS's new mini-album "BE" reached number 18 on the main album chart "Billboard 200" this week, the third week of its release.

The album debuted at number one on the chart in its first week of release and reached number three in its second week.