"Daechwita" MV has 326 million views.BTS member's record. Ing.

BTS (BTS) Suga continued his milestone with Agust D's "Daechwita."

The music video of Daechwita, the title song of the mixtape "D-2" released for the second time on May 22 last year with Agust D, surpassed 326 million views on YouTube on December 23 (Korea Standard Time).

It is the first and highest record among the music videos released by Suga under August D's name, the highest number of views among BTS member music videos.

August D previously joined the ranks of K-pop solo artists with 36 million views on YouTube with EXO's Chanyeol, Psy and J-Hope.

The music video of Daechwita previously showed global popularity, reaching 11 million likes on June 25 and setting a new world record as a solo artist. As of the 12th and 23rd, only 127.3 million likes are being recorded.

Daechwita' created a different atmosphere by sampling Daechwita, a traditional marching music. Suga's storytelling, who is also a king in the music video, is attracting attention and is loved.