The Grammys that eventually unlatched BTS...K-pop New History Once Again

The group BTS (BTS) is the first Korean singer to be nominated for Grammy Awards.

The U.S. Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) announced its candidate for the 63rd Grammy Awards through live streaming early Saturday (Korea time). BTS was nominated for Best Pop DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE for "Dynamite."

BTS was nominated for the Grammy Awards after the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) and the American Music Awards (AMAs) and became a nominee for all three major music awards in the U.S.

As the U.S. magazine People described, BTS, one of the most popular boy groups at the moment, has done a great job this year. Despite the prolonged period of Corona 19, BTS released its fourth full-length album 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' in February. The album alone sold 2.13 million copies on the first day of its release, topping Billboard's main album chart, "Billboard 200.".

BTS's first English single, "Dynamite," released in August, also received a lot of love. With Corona 19, BTS's bright and cheerful disco "Dinermite" topped Billboard's main singles chart "Hot 100" with a desire to revitalize everyone's hard times.

This makes BTS the first Korean singer to top both Billboard's two major charts, "Billboard 200" and "Hot 100."

The new album "BE" Deluxe Edition, which was released worldwide on the 20th, is also doing well. "Rain" sold 2 million copies on the first day alone, and the music video for the title track "Life Goes On" surpassed 100 million views in just three days after its release.

BTS won the 'Top Social Artist' award at the "2020 Billboard Music Awards" held last month. Since 2017, it has been the fourth consecutive year that the award has been awarded to BTS. At the 48th American Music Awards, which was held on the 22nd (local time), the parade continued. BTS has won the Favorite Social Artist award for the third year in a row and the Favorite Duo/Group-Pop/Rock award for the second year in a row.

Unlike "Billboard Music Awards" and "American Music Awards," which invited the award ceremony to give special treatment and official nominations for the past three to four years, "Grammy Awards" did not put BTS as a "nominee" for the ceremony. He was invited as a presenter at the 61st Grammy Awards held in February last year and as a performer at the 62nd Grammy Awards held in January this year. Of course, it was also the first time for a Korean singer.

(Photo: Grammy Awards Official Facebook)
The conservative and closed nature of the Grammy Awards was pointed out over the omission of BTS from the list of 84 categories released by the 62nd Grammy Awards last November. BTS, who has consistently said she hopes to win the Grammy Award, has finally been named a Grammy nominee. Earlier, U.S. entertainment media Variety predicted, "The situation could be different because BTS, which has never been nominated before, has released 'Dinermite'."

Experts said the Grammy was the result of recognizing BTS's performance and performance. Kim Do-heon, a pop music critic, said, "I think the conditions are already in place. At the beginning of the year, he topped the Billboard chart with an album and a single in the middle. Just being nominated as a candidate is actually a huge achievement, and if we win the award, I think it will be more noteworthy and historic.

Popular music critic Jung Min-jae said, "With this nomination, BTS has made a much more noticeable achievement than before, and it seems that it has more to talk about musically than before." "As the ratings of the Grammy Awards continue to fall, we need a box office factor, and we couldn't have ignored BTS, which is at the center of the talk," he said.

Music journalist Lee Dae-hwa said, "It is Grammy's admission that K-pop is one of the hottest trends now. And we decided that was such an important trend that we should not be left out in the position of settling the accounts for 2020.

Experts have also interpreted BTS's inclusion in the Grammy nomination as Grammy's effort to "secure diversity."

"Grammys have recently faced criticism for discriminating against women and blacks. The committee is trying to diversify its composition by accepting criticism that the committee is all white. "As an Asian singer topped the Billboard charts, you must have thought (the nomination of a BTS candidate) was a good opportunity to show the diversity of the Grammy," he said.

Critic Chung also said, "In the past, the Grammys clearly tended to devalue black music, with Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce being neglected from Kanye West." It is also true that the Grammy's status and prestige have not been the same as before as many singers such as Ariana Grande and Drake have publicly criticized it. We believe that there was a need to show a variety of changes.

The Grammy Awards, which began in 1959, is the most prestigious music awards ceremony in the world. Along with the Academy Award for Film, Emmy Award for TV, and Tony Award for Stage Performance, they are considered the most famous and influential awards in the field of art. The winners will be decided by voting by members of the American Academy of Record and Arts and Sciences, which consists of incumbent American music industry workers, rather than figures such as chart rankings and album sales.

The 63rd Grammy Awards will be held on January 31 (local time).