Tickets for the concert in Seoul are sold out on March 10th, 12th, and 13th.

Sold out and sold out...!’

The box office power of the group BTS is relentless despite the global epidemic of infectious diseases.

Following Las Vegas in the U.S., BTS sold all tickets to the Seoul concert, showing off its amazing box office destructive power. Tickets for online performances live at theaters along with offline were also sold out immediately after reservations. It took less than an hour since the reservation began at 8 p.m. on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time).

BTS will hold "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE-SEOUL" at the main stadium of Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on October 12 and 13 to meet fans three times. Given that it is the first face-to-face stage in two and a half years since October 2019, hot "picketing" was already expected, but it was sold out in the first reservation for fan club members, let alone general reservations.

Tickets are VIP seats (sound check) and regular seats where you can see BTS perform sound checks before the concert. Earlier, they received approval from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for a pre-performance of 15,000 people per session and a total of 45,000 people. Although Big Hit Music, the agency, did not disclose the size of each seat separately, it is expected to record sales of "+'" at 7.425 billion won based on the number of audiences approved in advance.

Tickets for online performances were also sold out early. BTS will hold live streaming performances on the 10th and 13th, the first and last days. In addition, the live performance will be broadcast live at the movie theater through Live Viewing on the 12th.

According to large multiplex theaters such as CJ CGV and Lotte Cinema on the 6th, all 36,000 tickets for "Live Viewing" were sold on the 24th of last month when reservations began. CGV plans to sell 5,000 additional seats at five theaters in the future. The total sales of online performance broadcasts are also estimated to reach 1.764 billion won.

The Las Vegas concert, which started reservations on the 2nd before Seoul, was also sold out. The performances held at the Alligator Stadium in Las Vegas on the 8th, 9th, and 15th and 16th of next month were sold out on the first day of the reservation. Pre-booking for fan club members conducted through Ticketmaster, a U.S. ticket reservation site, was sold out due to overwhelming demand. As expected, regular reservations are sold out.

BTS posted 40 billion won in offline sales alone with a Los Angeles concert at the end of November last year, the highest in 18 years based on U.S. performances.