BTS ALBUM _ Thank you, BTS, BLACKPINK, parasites.Korean Wave Fans Hit 100 Million

The number of Hallyu fans around the world exceeded 100 million for the first time in history. Even in the Corona 19 Pandemics, K-pop idols such as "BTS" and "BLACKPINK" and the movie "Parasite" (director Bong Joon-ho) were important.

According to the "2020 Global Hallyu Status" published jointly by the Korea Foundation (KF, Chairman Lee Geun) on the 14th, the number of Korean Wave clubs around the world was 1,835 and the number of Korean Wave fans was 14,777,808 as of September 2020.

The number of Hallyu fans increased by about 5.45 million from 9,9328,297 in 2019, exceeding 100 million for the first time in history.

The report cited club activities that systematically and strategically operate according to various platform characteristics, successful cases that proved the possibility of overcoming language limitations (the Academy Award for Best Picture of "Parasite" and BTS' entry into the Korean music Billboard chart).

It is also attributed to holding the world's first paid-on-tact concert and establishing a webtoon platform.

However, the foundation also said that effective measures and new strategies are needed due to the fact that the growth of the Korean Wave in Asia has shrunk, the fact that Korean Wave fans in Europe have been biased toward Russia, and that anti-Korean Wave fans who are overly commercial, sensational, and blind.

Meanwhile, KF Chairman Lee Geun said, "We hope that this report will be a reference to establishing business directions at domestic and international cultural arts and Hallyu-related institutions and understanding the current status of Hallyu."