bts album price _ Jimin conquers No. 1 ranking

BTS(BTS) Jimin ranked No. 1 in popularity on Japan's K-pop idol ranking website "NEHAN" (££).

As of the morning of the 19th, Jimin received a total of 39,093 votes, ranking No. 1 in the overall idol ranking, showing off his popularity in Japan.

Nehan is a popular Korean Wave website that provides the popularity ranking of Korean idols, and you can check the popularity ranking of K-pop idols every week. Prior to Jimin, BTS members' popularity is sweeping the archipelago, with BTS V topping the list in the first and second weeks of February.

Jimin is steadily gaining popularity in Japan. On Line Music, one of Japan's largest music sites, Jimin's solo song "Filter" ranked 59th in the "Line Music 2020 Annual K-pop Top 100," ranking the highest among BTS members' solo songs. Jimin's self-composed song "Friend" ranked 23rd overall, setting another record.

After the release of "Curred for ARMY by Jimin" at midnight on the 14th, Billboard Japan ranked No. 1 in the access ranking on the 15th, proving its hot popularity and interest in Japan.

In addition, when Jimin started to communicate with fans through Weverse at dawn on the 9th, the Weverse application download ranking rose significantly in Japan and quickly ranked No. 1 in the Japanese celebrity trend "Twipple," showing off its extraordinary ripple effect.

Participants in "Produce 101 Japan Season 2," Yuto Huru, Reiji Fukushima, and Haruki Arai, were also selected as idols respected by Jimin.

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