BTS in LA and Seoul.

BTS appeared on the "James Corden Show" on the 23rd (local time) and announced the end of the broadcast with the "Permission to Dance" stage released in July.

In an interview with James Corden that day, BTS won the 2021 American Music Awards and the 2022 Grammy Awards (2022 GRAMY AWARDS.

"As soon as I returned to Los Angeles after two years," Corden said at the 2021 American Music Awards on the 21st, stressing BTS's triple gold medal."

BTS and Corden, who met in person for the first time in two years, talked about BTS's recent achievements at the U.S. awards ceremony as well as small daily lives.

After the interview, BTS presented Permission to Dance, which set the stage from Seoul to Los Angeles in the U.S., with the concept of a trip, and the seven members who started performing against the backdrop of Hanok moved to LA to show free-spirited choreography.

BTS was nominated for the "Best Pop Duo/GROUP Performance" category in the "64th Grammy Awards" candidate announced on the same day. It is a candidate for the same category for the second consecutive year following last year.

He was nominated in all three categories at the 2021 American Music Awards held on the 21st (local time). Artist of the Year Award, Favorite Pop Song/Butter Award, and Favorite Pop Duo/Group Award.

BTS will host the concert "BTS Permission to Dance on Stage - LA" at Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles from December 27 to 28.