"BTS is at the center of the United Nations". Praise.

Foreign media are also paying attention to the movement of the group BTS (BTS), which made a special speech at the UN General Assembly.

On the 21st, the New York Times (NYT) said in an article titled "BTS was at the center of the stage at the UN General Assembly watched by more than 1 million people," adding, "7 BTS members promoted the COVID-19 vaccine through a 7-minute speech and praised young people's resilience."

The NYT reported that despite the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Afghanistan conflict, and climate change, more than 1 million people watched the boy group BTS, not the top of each country.

BTS members, who attended the high-level meeting (SDG Moment) of the UN General Assembly's Sustainable Development Goals on the 20th, gave speeches on behalf of the younger generation. BTS, who attended as a "special presidential envoy for future generations and culture," comforted the young generation living in the COVID-19 era and encouraged vaccination.

The "Permission to Dance" stage video taken at the UN headquarters in New York also attracted great attention, with cumulative YouTube views exceeding 14 million.

NYT added, "Many BTS fans subscribed to the U.N. YouTube channel, and purple heart emoticons (symbolizing BTS) exploded in live broadcast comments."

The Washington Post also reported that "the attention to BTS was unusually high at the UN General Assembly, where politicians mainly attended and did not attract public attention."

"BTS delivered a message about love and community on the global stage," Billboard, a music media outlet, said. "We delivered a message of hope to the younger generation who focus on making the world a cleaner and more efficient place."