BTS Jin's "Super Tuna".

Flapping chest/ Where's my fish/ East Sea, West Sea, East Sea, West Sea/ Where's my fish/ What if it's tuna/ What if it's a flatfish/ What if it's a shark/ What if it's a shark/ Bite my fishing rod/ Just in time/ Take me, brother'

The B-class sensibility of Jin, the eldest brother of the group BTS (BTS), is shaking the world. It is popular regardless of gender or age. BTS Jin released his own song "Super Tuna" on YouTube and SNS to mark his birthday on the 4th.

Produced by Jin and singer Gye Bum-joo, the song has an impressive addictive melody and dance moves. Earlier, Jin said on Naver V LIVE (V LIVE), "When I first came up with the song, I want to go to class B as much as possible to Bumzu-hyung." He said, "Grade C is good," and introduced "Super Tuna" by saying, "I wrote melodies and lyrics with my brother right away on the spot." "Son Sung-deuk, the choreographer, said, 'I don't know if it's okay to do this content because you've become so superstars,' adding, 'I thought about whether I could reveal songs and choreography with low-quality B-class sensibility, but I'm ashamed. "We released it with the feeling of providing you with something to enjoy," he said.

Songs and choreography with added fun completely hit the world. Video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are now singing "Super Tuna" and dancing in groups. Finally, Jin told the fan community Weverse, "No, you people. Don't do the super tuna challenge that I didn't even plan. "No, I'm so ashamed." I even said that.

The music video posted on YouTube currently has 28.65 million performance videos and nearly 240,000 comments alone. On TikTok, the #SuperTunaChallenge has 53.5 million views and the video with the hashtag #SuperTuna has 146.8 million views. The combined hashtags of similar "super tuna" easily exceed 200 million times.

The current Super Tuna is even called the Second Baby Shark. It is one of the 3B K-content (BTS, Bong Joon-ho, and Baby Shark), recording 9.8 billion times, and is as popular as "Baby Shark," which ranks first in YouTube views around the world. A video of foreign kindergarteners copying the choreography of "Super Tuna" recently uploaded on TikTok has 7.1 million likes.

Even the whale doll Jin put on his left shoulder in the choreography video of "Super Tuna" became a hot topic. According to Rollingstone, an American music magazine, sales of whale dolls surged due to Jean's Super Tuna. BarkBox, who made the doll, posted on its official Twitter account, "(Jin) Thank you for hanging our toys on your wide and wide shoulders," and added an anecdote that the CEO's wife, who watched Jin's "Super Tuna" music video, asked to order four whale dolls for her and friend before they were sold out.

As the popularity of "Super Tuna" grew, some people argued against it. They are Japanese netizens. After the release of "Super Tuna," some Japanese netizens complained that they wrote "East Sea," not "Sea of Japan," in the lyrics. He even said, "The Japanese should protest properly because they are listening to 'Super Tuna' around the world," and "Globally, it should be marked as 'Sea of Japan'."

Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women's University, said on his SNS, "Some of the lyrics of 'Super Tuna' are targeting Japanese netizens for writing the name of the sea between Korea and Japan as 'East Sea', not 'Sea of Japan'."