BTS RM is on a trip to the museum.

The group's BTS (BTS) leader RM (28, Kim Nam-joon) continues his nationwide art museum tour during his second long vacation.

According to the popular music industry on the 14th, RM recently visited the Busan Museum of Art, watched the exhibition, and posted a proof photo on his social media.

RM visited the museum on the 6th and quietly watched the exhibition "Christian Voltanski: 4.4."

This is not the first time RM has visited the Busan Museum of Art. After watching the exhibition of the museum in June 2019, the guest book left in the annex's Lee Woo-hwan space, "Thank you, sir, I like 'wind'."

RM is currently attending art galleries not only in the Busan Museum of Art but also all over the country. Recently, he visited the Solgeo Museum of Art in Gyeongju Expo Park and watched artist Park Dae-sung's "Wonyongmuae" exhibition. Watching this place was also left on Instagram.

RM's Instagram account "rkive" mainly contains records of daily small appearances and visits to art galleries.

In particular, at the beginning of the long-term vacation, which began shortly after the BTS concert in Los Angeles (LA) last December, local art galleries took photos of their visits. He visited Chinati Foundation, Rothko Chapel, Houston Museum of Art in Texas, Glenstone Museum near Washington, D.C., and Diabacon in New York.

Some art galleries in the region publicly requested RM to visit the museum through Twitter. This is because fans flock to places where he is known to have been. Art galleries across the country are also beckoning to RM.

RM's Instagram account name is 'rkive'. He added "archive" to the first letter "R" of his activity name RM. It is also the name of his music studio.

Meanwhile, BTS's long-term vacation is expected to end soon. Preparations for the Seoul face-to-face concert scheduled for March will begin.