Dance as your heart desires.The 100th Gwanghwamun Bulletin by BTS

BTS's handwritten text decorated the 100th edition of Gwanghwamun. The document written by BTS is '[Dance] as much as you want, you don't need permission.'

According to Kyobo Life Insurance and others, the 100th "Gwanghwamun Bulletin" was unveiled at the building of Kyobo Life Insurance in Gwanghwamun on the 30th. The text on the board emphasized the lyrics of BTS' song "Permission to Dance" and the message of hope. Although the number of restrictions has increased due to the coronavirus and many things that can be done freely has been eliminated, it is said that it means to find something that can be felt free without being allowed even in a tiring day.

It is said that BTS willingly participated in the social and cultural value of Gwanghwamun board, which has been a big echo for more than 30 years by citizens. BTS said on the official website of Gwanghwamun board, "We participated in the process of making the gate to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gwanghwamun board, the representative cultural icon of Korea." "We are happy to have an opportunity to communicate with you through the media called Gwanghwamun board in the Corona era."

BTS said, "We thought the freedom to do as we please without permission from anyone was 'dance'." "I hope you can find something that makes you feel free and express your freedom in parentheses in the door." He added, "I will join BTS as the 100th door of Gwanghwamun bulletin board, waiting for the day when everyone can gather and dance freely without permission."

Kyobo Life Insurance has grown its size to mark the 100th anniversary of the Gwanghwamun board. The 100th board is 90m wide and 21m long, with a total area of 1,890㎡. It is 4.5 times the width of a basketball court (420 square meters). It is 12 times larger than the existing board (20 meters wide and 8 meters long). If you scan the QR code inside the Gwanghwamun board, you can access the official website of the Gwanghwamun board to see BTS congratulatory videos, media art and making films by participating artists.