Jungkook's 2 solo songs on Billboard Top 10 'Popular Long Run'

BTS (BTS) Jungkook's two solo songs showed off his powerful music potential, ranking only in the top 10 of the U.S. Billboard chart.

According to Billboard's latest chart (August 14, 2021), Jungkook's solo song "Euphoria" ranked ninth on the World Digital Song Sales Chart.

Another Jungkook solo song, "My Time," ranked 10th on the World Digital Song Sales Chart. Jungkook was the only one to post his two solo songs in the Billboard Top 10.

"Euphoria" and "Time Difference" boasted long-run music popularity, which charted in the World Digital Song Sales Chart for 75 weeks and 71 weeks, respectively.

In particular, "Euphoria" made the main vocal power feel real with its music record, which is the longest-running chart among Korean idol solo songs ever.

Meanwhile, "Film Out," which Jung Kook participated in composing, has continued to be popular, ranking 49th on the "Hot 100 Composers" chart for 18 weeks.