The group BTS (BTS) attracted 620,000 viewers with a performance of "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LAS VEGAS".

BTS started its solo concert "Permission to Dance on Stage - Las Vegas" on the 8th (local time) at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, USA, and performed a total of four performances for four days until the 9th, 15th and 16th.

According to his agency Big Hit Music, the audience who filled the Allegiant Stadium to watch the BTS face-to-face concert reached about 200,000 based on four performances. The last performance on the 16th, which was broadcast live online streaming, was watched by about 402,000 people from 182 countries/regions around the world.

In the case of "Live Play," an event where people watch performances through real-time broadcasts through a large screen at MGM Grand Garden Arena, a total of four performances attracted about 22,000 spectators. The agency explained that BTS is the only singer to have held four solo concerts at the Allegiant Stadium since its opening, which attracted 200,000 people.

Las Vegas was the third city on the PTD World Tour. BTS's face-to-face concert, which had been suspended for about two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resumed in Las Vegas last November, and was held at Jamsil Main Stadium (Comprehensive Stadium) in Seoul, Korea in March this year.

Including the online performances held in October last year, the "PTD" tour was held a total of 12 times, and the cumulative number of audiences who watched the concert in various ways such as △ face-to-face △ online live streaming △ live viewing △ live play exceeded 4 million.

Above all, the biggest difference between the Las Vegas concert and the existing PTD tour was that the "THE CITY" project was launched to turn the entire city into a "BTS City." It was planned by Hive with the ambition of not only watching the performance, but also preparing various things to see and enjoy for those who came to see the performance, making the entire city a venue for the festival.

Las Vegas also actively expressed its welcome. The Las Vegas Tourism Organization changed its official Twitter name to Borahaegas and appealed to its fan club ARMY. Just as "Borahae Gas" is derived from the phrase "Borahae," which is meaningful to BTS and ARMY (a newly coined term by BTS V, meaning to trust the other person and love each other for a long time), attractions throughout the city are colored purple, symbolizing BTS.