Time Magazine Names BTS as Celebrities of the Year

The U.S. magazine Time has named BTS (BTS) "Entertainer of the Year."

"BTS has become the most popular group on music charts and the biggest band in the world," Time said on the 10th (local time). "We broke all kinds of records and reached the peak of pop stars."

Time highly praised BTS' communication with fans despite the worldwide Korona 19 craze.

"The bond between BTS and the fan club 'ARMY' has deepened," Time said. "The world has stopped during the year of frustration (due to Corona) and most other celebrities have failed, but BTS has done its job."

He stressed that the relationship between the group and the fans was a "research case" that dominated the music industry. One example was the donation of 1 million U.S. dollars to the "Black Lives Matter" movement with fans.

J-Hope said, "I always wanted to be an artist who can give people positive energy, and that idea harmonized with our sincerity and brought out what we are today."

Meanwhile, BTS was nominated for the Grammy Awards, the most prestigious pop music awards in the United States. The award ceremony will be held on January 31 next year.