[ ORDER Q & A ]

Is it possible to select a version for each purchased album?

Yes. Available.

Please leave a note with the order number, album name and version.

ex ) # 1013 order

'Butter' _ Cream ver.

'Map Of the Soul 7' _ 3 ver.


* When can I get the album I ordered?

It usually arrives within 7 ~ 15 days after the payment is completed.  


* How can I make the payment?

Provides a variety of payment methods.

( Credit card,  PayPal, Union Pay, Alipay.. )


* What's the refund process?

Unfortunately, company regulations do not allow refunds.
Please make sure to make a careful decision before purchasing.


* How can I contact you for any other questions?

[ QUESTIONS PAGE ] Please send us a message.We will reply quickly.


[[ Your Important Points ]]

You must understand the 'tariff' of your country. / Buyer's burden.
[ HS CORD : 8523.49-1020 ]

Please check the import procedure of your country in advance.