BTS ALBUM _ Jimin 'Black Swan' 1st Anniversary Attention Again

BTS (BTS) Jimin's Black Swan is being re-examined for its first anniversary.

On the 17th, "Black Swan" marked the first anniversary of the release of BTS's fourth full-length album "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7". Jimin's black swan stage, which has usually been called "Black Swan" = Jimin, is drawing attention again.

At the time of the release, the "Art Film" of Slovenia's modern dance team "MN" was pre-released, drawing more attention to the stage expectations of Jimin, the team's only modern dance major.

BTS's "Black Swan" stage was unveiled for the first time on January 28 (local time) on the popular CBS talk show "James Corden Show."

As expected, Jimin dominated the stage with her beautiful expression, drawing worldwide praise for her charm and elegance, including her powerful and soft dance skills and inner acting with her soft and light gestures like the wings of Black Swan.

On this day, the stage was considered as the best performance of 2020 by the women's monthly magazine "Marie Claire," as the sound condition, camera work, rich expression of the work, and performance of Jimin's solo camera walking are perfect.

In addition, after the BTS Online Concert held last year, "Black Swan Jimin Solitary Stage" and "Black Swan" at the 2020 SBS Music Awards, Jimin = Black Swan, and Jimin's appearance on the Black Swan stage should be displayed at the Louvre Museum.

Members of the team have also mentioned in a number of interviews, such as "Black Swan reminds me of Jimin" and "Black Swan is Jimin."

Saudi Arabian film director and poet Salwa Abu Al-Jadayel made Jimin's solo dance black-and-white animations on piano performances under the theme of "Black Swan" and drew great sympathy by releasing unique works that ended in poetry.

The number of views on "BTS Bomb," which contains behind-the-scenes footage of Jimin's solo dance in the "Black Swan" MV, surpassed 4.49 million views less than three months ago, still showing hot potential.

The 2020 SBS Music Awards 'Black Swan' Jimin Focus fan cam surpassed 1 million views in 21 hours, ranking 10th on YouTube music charts and statistics Korea's 'Hot Issue', reaching 1.75 million views as of the 17th, and global fans' passionate love for 'Black Joe Jimin' continues in the new year.