BTS ALBUM PRICE _ Apple Music Interview Eyes …AMAs stage re-illumination

Apple Music released an interview with renowned DJ Zane Lowe and BTS on its YouTube channel.

Jane Law continued her interviews with questions about important times for the group, including the recent album "BE," the hugely successful dynamite, and the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs), which signaled her entry into the U.S.

Regarding Dynamite, where BTS sang the entire song in English for the first time, V said, "I thought it would be appropriate to sing it in English (as the guide) after hearing the first song." "It was the first time we sang all the songs in English, but I thought it was a new challenge and a breakthrough that we needed at this time," he replied in English. Their endless challenges were enough to impress fans.

Jane Law then mentioned DNA and asked questions about the 2017 AMAs stage, saying it had the most attractive hook among pop songs. When asked how he felt at the time, V said, "I was very excited. I was nervous at the same time,' he replied in English.

The AMAs stage in 2017 is mentioned as a very important moment when BTS made its name known to the world in earnest.

At that time, BTS performed DNA. V led the headlines with his mysterious voice and performance in the introduction of staring at the camera looking back, and even earned the nickname "Introduction Master." In addition, unlike fans who must have been as nervous as the members who performed on the stage, V drew attention by showing an unwavering introduction with a relaxed expression.


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