BTS ALBUM PRICE _ BTS Esquire 'Teen Group' Ola... Beatles, Queen Shoulders Side by Side

The group BTS (BTS) was ranked as the top 10 group of all time by the U.S. magazine Esquire, and stood shoulder to shoulder with legendary groups such as the Beatles and Queen.

"The seven-member group BTS, which has a fan club called ARMY, has quickly redefined the concept of boy groups, fandom and pop music," Esquire said on the 31st (local time).

BTS on the cover of the Esquire Winter issue. Big Hit Entertainment
Esquire said, " BTS is at the forefront of pioneering K-pop's worldwide success," adding that BTS's "Dinermite" and "Life Goes On," which topped the Billboard singles chart last year, are attractive songs that combine pop, hip-hop, disco and R&B.

The magazine's top 10 bands include BTS, the Beatles, and Queen.

The three black women's group Supremes, Sweden's Ava, the Beach Boys, West Coast Rock's golden age, Fleetwood Mac, Slip and the Family Stone, and Destiny's Child, where pop Beyonce was active, were named.

Earlier, Esquire selected BTS as its cover model for the winter issue in December last year.