bts album price _ V, "Mixtape, 13 Songs from the Album"

BTS (BTS) V surprised fans by announcing that 13 songs will be included in the mix tape ahead of its release.
On the 25th, BTS posted a video of "BTS BE-HIND STORY TEASER" on its official YouTube channel "BTS BE-HIND STORY TEASER."The full-version video of ``BTS BE-HIND STORY'' will feature the production machine of "BE," released by BTS in November last year, in the form of questions and answers by the members themselves.

In the teaser video, a short scene was introduced in which the members talked about each other, raising questions about the full version of the video.

In the video, V started saying, "I'm a person with a very narrow spectrum," and left, "About 13 songs on my mixtape," surprising fans and raising expectations.

V predicted in November last year at a global press conference for the comeback of "BE," saying, "When I worked on this album, I didn't include the classical and jazz styles I was interested in, but the mixtape album I'll be preparing soon will feel that way."

V is recognized for his ability as a singer-songwriter in name and reality by consistently working on songs and writing, composing, and producing 15 songs, including BTS albums and solo songs. V is building a special musical world with emotional lyrics and melodies.

Billboard quickly reported that V was planning to release a mixtape.