BTS albums _ V OST drama, hot topic.

Variety in the U.S. paid attention to the global popularity of BTS V's Christmas Tree and the drama We Were That Year.

Variety, a renowned American pop culture magazine, releases "Variety's Trending TV Chart" every week, introducing TV show programs around the world that drew the most attention on Twitter.

The drama "We Are That Year," which received global attention for joining the OST of K-pop's top star V, ranked 10th on the "Variety's Trending TV chart" in the second week of January (10th-16th), ranking the top 10 most mentioned dramas in the world. It is the second time since he entered the top 10 in the rankings from December 27 to January 2 last year.

Variety said, "BTS V's OST is adding to Netflix's Korean drama 'We Are That Year'.""We Are That Year" also ranked fifth in the world in the "Non-English TV" category in Netflix's "Top 10 Show (10-16th). In Korea and Vietnam, it has been ranked first for 10 consecutive days from the 12th to the 22nd, and on the 20th, it ranked first in Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

While stimulating and intense K-drama such as "Squid Game," "Hell," and "Kingdom," which are the most successful Netflix films ever, "We Are That Year" has led the box office success, it is said that "K-Melo" has expanded its genre as a global Netflix success story.

Variety said, "The Year We, who debuted on Netflix on December 6, is gaining popularity worldwide, and it is BTS member V's OST that ignited the topic."

He also analyzed, "V's single 'Christmas Tree' was listed on the Billboard HOT 100 chart, and Netflix's investment in Korean content is paying off successfully."

V's "Christmas Tree" appears in major melons in the play and is leading the global box office success of K-OST by maximizing the atmosphere and emotions as the main theme.


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