BTS Jimin Headlines "2020 Shining K-pop Idol"

BTS (BTS) Jimin was selected as the "2020 K-pop Idol" by foreign media. As a 'K-pop front man,' he has a high profile throughout the world.

Indonesia's largest media outlet "Kapanlagi" selected and announced "the K-pop idol that shone the most in 2020" on the 26th, citing BTS Jimin as the representative headline among the 20 people.

"The popularity of BTS is also unmatched," the media said, highlighting Jimin's 24th consecutive month of boy band's personal brand reputation. Jimin has topped the list of boy band's personal brand reputation from January 2019 to December 2020, setting a new record for Korean brand reputation, drawing keen attention not only at home but also abroad. In addition, it ranked first overall for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020 in Gallup Korea's "individual preference for idols," and set a "double crown" record for the first time in male idols.

BTS Jimin has been on the unwavering throne as the nation's top idol in name and reality, thanks to his wide recognition and strong popularity not limited to fandom in Gallup Korea and brand reputation.

Jimin has been recognized not only at home but also abroad.

In 2018, he was the only BTS member to be selected after the late Michael Jackson, the No. 1 boy band member selected by the British daily Guardian, and he has also been crowned King of K-pop for two consecutive years, boasting the popularity of the public at home and abroad.

As such, Jimin has been receiving full support from global fans, including Korea, over the years, shining as the best artist representing BTS and K-pop, raising expectations for his future moves.