BTS "Jung Kook" has 30 million Instagram followers...7th place in Korea.

BTS member Jungkook surpassed 30 million Instagram followers for the second time after V.

Jungkook achieved 30 million Instagram followers around 1 a.m. on the 17th. Eight years after their debut on the 6th of last month, all members of BTS opened their Instagram accounts. As soon as it opened, the number of "followers" and "likes" increased rapidly, setting various records. In other words, it has proven that BTS has a strong influence around the world.

On the 2nd, V, a member of BTS, achieved 30 million followers on Instagram in 27 days, the shortest period ever. Following that momentum, Jungkook is the second member of BTS to have 30 million Instagram followers. Accordingly, netizens say, "Let's hide Jungkook," and "Our Jungkook is a big superstar." There were various reactions such as 'Congratulations'.

Currently, Jungkook ranks seventh in Korea's Instagram followers, and individuals with more followers than Jungkook include "Black Pink" Jenny, "Black Pink" Jisoo, "Black Pink" Rose, and "BTS" V, and official channels include "Black Pink Official Channel" and "BTS Official Channel."