"My Universe" also ranked fourth on the Billboard global chart

My Universe, which collaborated with the group BTS and band Coldplay, remained at the top of major U.S. Billboard charts.

According to Billboard's chart released on the 25th (local time), "My Universe" ranked seventh on the "Billboard Global 200" chart, up two notches from the previous week.

Billboard usually releases the top 10 songs on major U.S. charts first on Monday and then the overall ranking on the 20th. A representative example of a global chart is a chart newly established in September last year to synthesize the global trend of pop music.

"My Universe" also ranked fourth on the Billboard global chart, up four notches from the previous week, except for the United States.

The song is also expected to remain at the top of the main chart, Hot 100.

The Hot 100 is one of the Billboard's main charts and ranks the most popular songs in the United States by adding up music downloads, actual album sales, streaming, and radio broadcasts.

"My Universe" topped the list for three consecutive weeks, ranking 12th and 18th in the first week of its release. It is also expected to be in the top 20 this week.

Meanwhile, BTS's popular songs "Permission to Dance" and "DNA" have been certified as "Platinum" by the Japan Record Association.

According to the agency Big Hit Music, the two songs were listed on the "September Platinum Certified Works List" released by the Japan Record Association on the 25th.

The Japan Record Association certifies songs by dividing them into silver (more than 30 million times), gold (more than 50 million times), platinum (more than 100 million times), and diamond (more than 500 million times) every month depending on the cumulative number of plays.

BTS had previously been certified as "Platinum" in the album category, with cumulative shipments of "Butter" single CDs exceeding 250,000.