[ Terms and conditions, refund policy, privacy protection ]

[Providing and changing "Mall" services]
1."Mall" performs the following tasks:
fi Provide information on goods or services and conclude a purchase contract
fi Delivery of goods or services with a purchase contract
fi Other tasks determined by "mall"
2. "Mall" may change the contents of goods or services to be provided by the contract in the future in the event of a failure of goods or services or a change in technical specifications. In such cases, the contents of the changed goods or services and the date of delivery shall be immediately notified to the place where the current goods or services are posted.
3.If the contents of the service contract with the "user" are changed due to the failure of goods, etc. or technical specification, the "user" shall be notified immediately by the method prescribed in Article 11.
4. In the case of the preceding paragraph, "mall" shall compensate for damages incurred by "user". However, this is not the case if "mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence.

["Mall" service interruption]
1. "Mall" may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of a repair inspection, replacement, failure, or interruption of communication of information and communication facilities such as computers.
2. "Mall" shall compensate for damages incurred by "user" or a third party due to the temporary suspension of the provision of services due to the reason referred to in paragraph (1). However, this is not the case if "mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence.
3. In the event that the service is unable to be provided due to the conversion of business items, abandonment of business, or integration between businesses, "mall" shall notify "user" by the method prescribed in Article 11 and compensate the consumer according to the conditions originally set forth in "mall". However, if "mall" does not notify the compensation criteria, etc., the mileage or reserves of "users" shall be paid to the "user" in kind or cash equivalent to the currency value used in "mall".

[Application for purchase of "Mall" service]
1. The "mall" service "user" shall apply for purchase on the "mall" by means of the following or similar, and "mall" shall provide the following information in the "user"'s application for purchase:
fi Search and select goods, etc.
fi Enter the recipient's name, address, phone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number)
fi Check the terms and conditions, services with limited withdrawal rights, and expenses for delivery and installation fi Accept this agreement and check or reject the above subparagraph 3 (e.g., click the mouse).
fi Application for purchase of goods, etc. and confirmation of such purchase or consent to confirmation of "mall"
fi Selection of payment method
2. If "Mall" needs to provide or entrust the buyer's personal information to a third party, the buyer's consent must be obtained at the time of the actual purchase application, and the consent will not be obtained comprehensively when signing up. At this time, "mall" shall state to the purchaser the personal information items provided, the purpose of the use of personal information of the recipient, the period of possession and use, etc. However, in the case of entrustment of personal information handling under Article 25 (1) of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization, Protection of Information, etc., it shall be governed by the relevant statutes.

[The establishment of a "mall" service contract]
1."Mole" may not accept purchase applications under Article 40 if they fall under any of the following subparagraphs: However, if a minor signs a contract with a minor, he/she shall notify the minor himself/herself or his/her legal representative that the contract may be canceled if he/she fails to obtain consent from the legal representative.
fi In case there is a false, missing or misleading in the details of the application
fi Where a minor purchases goods or services prohibited by the Juvenile Protection Act, such as tobacco and alcohol;
fi In case it is deemed that accepting other purchase applications is significantly hindered by the "mall" technology.
2. The contract shall be deemed to have been concluded when the acceptance of "Mol" was reached to "user" in the form of a receipt confirmation notice under Article 43 (1).
3. The expression of acceptance of "Mol" shall include information on whether the purchase request of "user" can be confirmed and sold, and information on the cancellation of the purchase application.

[How to pay using "mall"]
Payment methods for goods or services purchased at the "Mall" may be made in the following ways: However, "mall" shall not be collected by adding any nominal fee to the payment of goods, etc. for the payment method of "user".
fi Transfer of various accounts such as phone banking, Internet banking, and mail banking
fi Payment of prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc.
fi Online non-banking deposit
fi Payment by electronic currency
fi Payment on receipt
fi Payment by points paid by "Mall" such as mileage
fi Payment by gift certificate signed with "Mall" or recognized by "Mall"
fi Payment by other electronic payment methods, etc.

[Notification of receipt and purchase request change and cancellation]
1."Mall" notifies "User" of receipt confirmation when there is an application for purchase of "User"
2. If there is a discrepancy in the receipt of the receipt confirmation, "user" may request the change or cancellation of the purchase request immediately after receiving the receipt confirmation, and "mall" shall be processed without delay if requested by "user's request. However, if the payment has already been made, the provisions concerning withdrawal of subscription, etc. under Article 46 shall apply.

[ Supplies, etc. of goods]
1."Mall" takes necessary measures, such as custom production, packaging, etc. to deliver goods within seven days of the date of application, unless there is a separate agreement between the "user" and the time of delivery of goods. However, if "Mall" has already received all or part of the payment for goods, etc., it shall take action within three business days from the date of receipt of all or part of the payment. At this time, "mall" takes appropriate measures so that "user" can check the supply procedures and progress of goods, etc.
2."Mall" specifies the means of delivery, the person responsible for shipping by means, and the period of delivery by means of goods purchased by "user". If the "mall" exceeds the agreed delivery period, the "user" shall be compensated for damages resulting from it. However, this is not the case if "mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence.

"Mall" shall promptly notify "User" of the reason for delivery or provision of goods requested by "user" due to a reason of being sold out, etc., and if he/she receives the payment in advance, he/she shall refund or take necessary measures within three business days from the date of receipt of payment.

[Revocation of subscription, etc.]
1 "Mall" and "Users" who have entered into a contract for the purchase of goods etc. may withdraw their application within 7 days from the date of receipt of a letter (referring to the date of supply of goods etc. later than the date of receipt of the letter).
2. "User" shall not return or exchange goods, etc. in any of the following cases:
fi Where a good, etc. is lost or damaged due to a responsible reason for the "user" (However, if the package, etc. is damaged to confirm the details of the good, etc., the subscription may be withdrawn.)
fi Where the value of goods, etc. has significantly decreased due to the use of "users" or some consumption;
fi In case the value of goods, etc. has significantly decreased due to the passage of time, it is difficult to resell them.
fi If it is possible to replicate a good with the same performance, etc., the original packaging, etc. is damaged;
fiWhere the "mall" is expected to suffer irreparable serious damage when withdrawing the subscription for certain goods, etc., so it is notified in advance of the restriction on withdrawal of the subscription, and the consent of the "user" has been made.
3. In the case of paragraphs 2 through 4, withdrawal of subscription by "user" is not restricted unless measures such as specifying the fact that "mall" is restricted in advance, such as providing a trial product, etc. are taken.
4. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2), a "user" may withdraw his/her subscription within three months from the date of receipt of the goods, etc. or within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods, etc.

[Effect of withdrawal of subscription, etc.]
1."Mall" will refund the amount of goods, etc. already paid within three business days if the goods, etc. are returned by the "user". In such cases, if "mall" delays the refund of goods, etc. to "user", the delay period shall be paid by multiplying the delayed interest rate prescribed in Article 21-2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Consumer Protection Act on e-commerce, etc.
2."Mall" asks the operator who has provided the payment method without delay to stop or cancel the claim for the goods or other goods when the "user" pays the goods, etc. by credit card or electronic currency.
3. In the case of withdrawal of subscription, etc., the "user" shall bear the expenses incurred in returning the goods, etc. supplied. "Mall" shall not claim penalty or damages to "user" for withdrawal of subscription, etc. However, if the contents of the goods, etc. are different from the contents of the display or advertisement, or the contents of the contract are implemented differently than the contents of the contract, the expenses incurred in returning the goods, etc., shall be borne by "mall".
4. If the "user" pays for shipping, etc. when he or she receives goods, "mall" will clearly indicate to the "user" who will pay for the cost when withdrawing the subscription.

["Mall" service privacy]
1. "Mall" collects minimum personal information to the extent necessary for providing services for "users" collecting personal information.
2. "Mall" does not collect information necessary for the fulfillment of purchasing contracts in advance when members sign up. However, this shall not apply to cases where personal identification is required prior to the purchase contract in order to fulfill the obligations under the relevant statutes, and where the minimum specific personal information is collected.
3. When collecting and using the personal information of "user", "mall" shall notify the relevant "user" of the purpose and obtain his/her consent.