BTS ALBUM _ 6.7 billion K-pop tweets last year...No.1 is BTS.

Last year, 6.7 billion K-pop-related tweets were reported, up more than 600 million from the previous year's 2019.

Indonesia had the most K-pop tweets, followed by Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, the United States, Brazil, Malaysia, and Japan.

Twitter said, "We proved the popularity of K-pop that does not cool down even though the number of offline performances, world tours, and fan meetings has decreased due to the Corona 19 Pandemic."

Among K-pop artists, BTS was mentioned the most. It was followed by boy groups NCT, EXO, and girl group BLACKPINK.

The most tweeted song in the world was BTS' "Diamite." Among the top 10 songs in many tweets, six were BTS' songs.