BTS ALBUM_Wins U.S. WSJ Magazine's 2020 Innovation Award

The group BTS (BTS) won the Innovator Awards, an innovation award given by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

At the awards ceremony held on the 11th (local time), BTS received an award in the music section of the 2020 Innovators Awards, a WSJ magazine.

"BTS is the most popular band in the world," said star chef David Chang, who introduced BTS as the winner of the 2018 food category. "I can't forget that BTS appeared as a reminder of the Beatles in the scene where they appeared on the Steven Colbert talk show." "It's exciting to have an Asian role model in creative art," he said.

"It's an honor to be compared to Beetles," Chin said. He also said that he did not love himself when he was a student, but began to be loved as a member of BTS.

"We're just seven kids who love music," RM said humbly, "I want to give dreams and hopes and give the world."

"Our innovation is not stopped," Sugar said, hinting that she will continue to make changes.

In addition to BTS, British actors Michaela Koel, Jennifer Lopez, Patty Smith and late-night U.S. TV talk show host James Corden and Tyler Perry were also awarded at the 2020 WSJ Magazine Inobators Awards.

Reporter Yoon Jae-joon at