BTS. Arrived in LA, USA.

The group BTS (BTS) arrived in Los Angeles (LA) on the 17th (local time) for the first face-to-face concert in two years.

BTS got off at LA Airport by Korean Air this morning.

About 100 fans gathered around the airport arrival hall. They waited at Tom Bradley International Terminal, where a plane from Korea arrives to see BTS in person.

However, an official at LA Airport said that the members left the airport using other terminals due to safety problems that may occur during the entry process of BTS.

Fans who waited more than three hours from early in the morning were disappointed that they could not see BTS arriving in LA, but they could not hide their joy just because BTS came to LA.

Carina Hernandez (15), who came to LA by car from Mexico, waved the ARMY stick, an BTS cheering tool, and shouted "We Purple You, BTS."

Borahae is a word used between BTS and fans to mean "I love you."