BTS (BTS) j-hope has appeared in the official English textbook of foreign countries, drawing attention.

The recently released official English textbook of the Paraguay Ministry of Education and Science presented an English practice question featuring J-Hope. BTS Looking at the picture of the J-Hope doll of the life-motivated character TinyTan, four blanks describing the figure were filled with appropriate English words.

The sentence presented together states that J-Hope is a singer, lives in Korea, and is a member of BTS. This is an example of BTS and J-Hope's global recognition and influence.

BTS fans who heard the news are having a good time solving problems, welcoming J-Hope's appearance.

J-Hope also appeared in a TV education program produced by the Peruvian Ministry of Education last year.

TV Peru, Peru's state-run broadcaster, produced a program called "Aprendo En Casa" on June 11, 2020 and introduced the "Impact of Asian Culture on young people in Peru."

"Aprindo En Casa" was a non-face-to-face class program organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education after the school was closed due to coronavirus and was broadcast simultaneously on TV and radio for students in areas with weak Internet access.

In the program, BTS was mentioned as the representative of K-pop, and J-Hope was specially introduced with his solo song "Chicken Noodle Soup."

A male student visited the dance academy and learned the dance of the "Chicken Noodle Soup" music video for more than two minutes. "It's my favorite song," a dance academy instructor said about "chicken noodle soup." It was a huge hit," he said, realizing J-Hope's popularity in Peru.

Photo = Big Hit Music Naver Post, Paraguay Ministry of Education and Science homepage