BTS Mural Street in Daegu, Korea, created by fans.

World star BTS (BTS) mural street will be created in Daegu. While BTS-related projects, which have been planned to be led by the government in Daegu, have not been properly carried out, the project, centered on fans, will be able to proceed without any disagreements or problems.

According to Seo-gu, Daegu on the 27th, a 2m high and 33m long panorama art mural will be installed on the outer wall of Daeseong Elementary School in Bisan-dong, the alma mater of BTS member V. The mural will be completed on the 29th, a day before V's birthday.

V's favorite "Moon Night" will be based on Van Gogh's "Moon Night" in a panorama style.

Purple, the symbol of BTS, is also an important mural element. In particular, the tile method is used, not painting. It has the advantage of less discoloration and damage than conventional murals, and design changes are possible.

The mural was carried out in cooperation with China's largest fan club, BTS' agency, and the West. Earlier last month, the fan club proposed to install murals in Seo-gu to commemorate V's birthday. The agency also reportedly had no disagreement with the mural plan. The fan club pays the full installation cost.

Seo-gu expects BTS murals to become local attractions. An official from the Seo-gu Office said, "There are attractions such as Dalseong Toseong Village near the murals and Seodaegu Station ahead of its opening, so we expect a tourism effect."

As it became known that BTS members Suga and V were born in Daegu, projects to connect with BTS in Daegu have been attempted several times, but they have been canceled due to opposition from the agency.

Buk-gu tried to create BTS theme streets in Taejeon-dong, Suga's hometown, and Seo-gu tried to create BTS theme streets in Bisan-dong, but it failed. Daegu City also prepared related tourism courses, but failed to properly promote them.