BTS V Mural Street in Daegu, Korea

The final step is to extend the mural distance of group BTS (BTS) member "V" in Seo-gu, Daegu.

Seo-gu, Daegu, announced on the 20th that last-minute work is underway to extend the "Vu Mural Street" by 25m on the wall of Daesung Elementary School in Bisan-dong, V's alma mater.

The district plans to complete the work by the afternoon of the day or by the morning of the 21st at the latest.

The overall work has been completed. At the top of the mural, tiles containing letters from each country meaning "I love you" and photos of V's face were installed.

On top of the tile, night lights were installed to add to the atmosphere.

The overall background contained a painting of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh, known as V's favorite artist.

V Mural Street has already been built for the first time at the end of December last year.

At that time, V's largest fan meeting in China, Baidu Bubba, proposed creating V mural streets in the West as an event to commemorate V's birthday.

Upon receiving the proposal, the district created a 2m high and 33m long V mural street on the outer wall fence after consultation with Daesungcho.

As this fact became known through SNS, it began to gain popularity among BTS fans and citizens.

They come from all over the country, including Gangwon-do Province, and leave proof photos against the backdrop of murals.

The district has decided to extend the V mural street to promote tourism.