BTS Waves World Twitter This Year

Global musician mentioned the most this year...Various Rankings

BTS (BTS) was selected as the most frequently mentioned singer on Twitter this year.

Twitter announced the results of its global data analysis on January 1st to November 15th this year.

According to the report, BTS ranked first in all of the world's most frequently mentioned accounts, ▲K-POP accounts, ▲musician accounts. In particular, he maintained his title for the fourth consecutive year this year after being named the "most mentioned account in the world" for the first time in 2017.

BTS also topped the list of the world's top 10 musicians with a lot of keywords. BLACKPINK came in seventh. Other names included Kanye West in second place, Beyonce in third place, Rihanna in fourth place, Justin Bieber in fifth place and Cardi B in sixth place.

BTS also ranked second in the world's most retweeted tweets. BTS member Jungkook covered the U.S. singer-songwriter Lauv's "Never Nat," recording 35 million cumulative views, 1.4 million retweets and 3 million "I Like You."

Also, the top five tweets that received the most likes among K-pop-related tweets were all BTS Twitter accounts. The first place winner was a photo posted by member V with the words "High Army" and received 3.2 million likes.

Second and third place is Jungkook's cover video tweet, and fourth place is BTS's tweet sharing the joy of winning the award with ARMY after becoming the first Korean singer to top the Billboard Hot 100 list. In fifth place, a tweet posted by Rap Monster to celebrate his birthday was chosen.

Reporter Yoon Ji-hye