BTS will stretch with online concert on the 24th...The offline concert in LA from November to December is "sold out."

The group BTS (BTS) will hold concerts from November to December on the 24th and stretch its meeting with fans. An online concert will be held on the 24th, and an offline concert will be held in Los Angeles (LA) in the U.S. from November to December. The offline concert sold out all four days' worth of performances.

Big Hit Music, the agency, announced on the 22nd that BTS will hold an online concert "BTS Permission to Dance on Stage" on the 24th. It is the first time in a year since an online concert held in October last year through live streaming, and this time, performances at a large stadium will be broadcast live. It is the first time in two years that a large stadium has been set up.

The agency explained that the online concert focused on delivering a sense of realism at a large concert hall. Sections will be divided according to the concept and atmosphere of the song, and different stage sets will be presented. In addition, the largest LED screen has been prepared among BTS concerts so far.

The LED screen effect will also be implemented on online transmission screens through a service called "Visual Effect View." Through this service, the audience can enjoy a screen that combines lyric graphics and broadcasting effects. The concert screen is transmitted in 4K HD high-definition, and a "multiview" service is provided that allows you to select and enjoy six types of screens. In order to enhance the realism, the concert rehearsal Sound Check process will also be unveiled.

From November 27th to 28th and December 1st to 2nd, the "BTS Permission to Dance-Live Play in LA" concert will be held at Sofi Stadium in LA. It is the first concert in two years to meet fans in person. For "ARMY" who could not get tickets, a separate electronic display area will be installed outside the concert hall. All four days' worth of performances will be broadcast live on a large screen installed on the YouTube Theater on the stadium site.

Big Hit Music said, "We will prepare various programs such as on-site participation events before the start of the broadcast so that you can enjoy BTS' performances more." Random photo card presentation events and photo zones will be set up.