"Life Goes On"...BTS, the hope of the Corona era revived by music.

The group BTS (BTS) delivers another hope to those living in Corona 19. The cry of "Life continues, so let's live together" has been revived with music.

BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) held a global press conference to commemorate the release of the new album "BE" at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 20th. Suga, who is recovering from the shoulder surgery, was unable to attend.

It's the first comeback in about three months since the single 'Dinermite'. J-Hope said, "I've always taken for granted the face-to-face encounter between people, and I didn't know I'd feel this excited and unfamiliar. That's why it's more meaningful and welcome," he said.
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BTS "Military duty, of course..."If you have a call from your country, you will respond at any time.".
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The new album "BE" features the beginning of a new story about BTS, which delivered a message of vitality and hope with "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7" and the single "Dynamite" in August. In a situation where everyone feels helpless due to the Corona 19 fandom, BTS projected a complex feeling on the album, "You still have to overcome it."

Having gathered the hearts of music fans around the world by melting their candid views and thoughts on the world from their debut album, BTS again portrayed the present that has changed due to Corona19. BE means '~이다~' and '존존존' and is a word with an open meaning without specifying the form. At this moment, it tells the story of the feelings and thoughts that BTS feels, and the existence of "we" that will continue to live.
"Life Goes On"...BTS, the hope of the Corona era revived by music [comprehensive]
"Life Goes On"...BTS, the hope of the Corona era revived by music [comprehensive]
RM said, 'BE' was planned even before 'Dinermite'. I produced an album by doing activities at the same time. I shared the video, work process, and meeting process with as many people as possible. This is the first time I've shown you what kind of thoughts I have on YouTube or V app. We made it hoping that viewers would feel that we made it together even in this non-face-to-face situation," he said.

"The key thing I want to talk about with this album is 'Life continues no matter what happens,'" he said. "In summer, I released 'Dinermite' in the disco genre because I want to get rid of my depression with something exciting and exciting rather than heavy and gloomy songs." This album is a little different in texture. It is a song that gives comfort in a firm and sincere way. It's obvious that life will continue, but I tried to contain a stern truth," he stressed.

Jin also said, "We feel frustrated and sad because of the Corona 19 album, and it's an honest album of our hearts. It melted the hope that many people would sympathize with each other and comfort each other. Life is going on, so I hope we all find something happy," he added.

Regarding the unusual release of the album's work process, he said, "I thought it was a situation where I had to. It was non-face-to-face, and I thought that the physical connection we maintained could be cut off every time we went to concerts. It was a challenge for us, just like restaurants sharing sauce. I think more people will feel connected with this album.

When asked about the goal he wanted to achieve with "BE," Jimin said, "It's been difficult for many people because it's an unexpected situation, but I wanted to tell them that life continues nonetheless. If I have a goal, I hope that this album will comfort many people. I would be grateful if it could be a consolation to many people rather than a clear goal," he said.

In addition to writing and composing all of the songs, BTS members actively participated in the planning, concept, and composition of the album as project managers (PM) in each field. This is the result of BTS's hands in the entire production process. "It was a pleasure," Chin recalled, recalling the time of his work. I think the song was also a time to look back on the present and myself, perhaps because we focused on expressing the feelings we are feeling now."

Jimin, who was in charge of music, showed modesty, saying, "I got to take the PM position thanks to Suga's suggestion, but I didn't play a big role, but I collected the opinions of the members and sent them to the company, and I also played a simple role in conveying the company's opinions to the members."

V, who was in charge of visuals, said, "I started because I wanted to show ARMY a better and more meaningful image, but the process wasn't easy. However, I was able to finish it well thanks to the support of the members and ARMY," he said. "I wanted to show my daily life as it is, so I came up with a lot of comfort. I once took Polaroid with me when I went on a trip. I took a few pictures of the members, and I got the idea from them because they seemed to come out very everyday and naturally. In addition, RM gave me the idea of a "room" concept. "I thought it would be nice to choose a concept for each room and take a pretty picture. But I really went into individual concept photos for this album."
"Life Goes On"...BTS, the hope of the Corona era revived by music [comprehensive]
"Life Goes On"...BTS, the hope of the Corona era revived by music [comprehensive]
BTS delivered a message for future generations around the world in a video at the 75th U.N. General Assembly in September. In his speech at the time, BTS was Corona19, stressing that everyone was tired and that they were no different. At the end of the speech, all the members shouted "Life goes on" and "Let's live together."

This album is in line with the speech of the time. Accepting the present that has changed with the album 'BE', BTS sings to find and imagine a new daily life. It is a serious message, but it will convey another hope with bright and positive energy. If the previous single "Dinermite" says to find freedom and happiness through singing and dancing even in the Corona 19 fandom situation, the title song "Life Goes On" further depicts BTS's honest feelings and sincerity. The images of living the Corona 19 situation are conveyed as they are, and the consolation of "life continues even then" is resonated.

BTS He also had to go through a time of great frustration with Corona 19. With the cancellation of the planned world tour, it has become difficult to meet ARMY (official fandom name). Jimin said, "It was a big setback. I thought it was very meaningful for me to perform and meet my fans, and it was something I wanted to do and had to do. I couldn't do that, so I didn't know what I was," he confessed. The frustration was overcome thanks to the members. Jimin said, "I talked more with the members while working. It was a lot of comfort to get together and have a drink and talk about what I was thinking besides the album. That led me to reflect on why I like this job so much and want to work hard. I was able to stand up from what was so frustrating," he said.

The music video for "Life Goes On" features the situation of those who have been stopped by Corona19, including looking up the sky far from the room, dusty bicycles, a large stadium beyond the car windows where they performed in the past, and BTS singing in an audienceless concert hall. The music video director is member Jungkook.

Jungkook said, "I'm still embarrassed to be a director. I like to film videos, so I'm in charge of music videos. I tried to work as hard as I could since I took charge of it. When I heard the song "Life Goes On," I thought realism and sincerity were important. Based on that, I tried to talk to the director and the production team, ask the members what they want to show personally, and reflect their opinions. The tour was canceled with Corona 19 and I tried to express my longing and regret emotionally because I couldn't see the Ami. I think it was a great opportunity to hear that the video I took came out as a music video. Based on this opportunity, I have a dream that I personally want to shoot a great music video.
"Life Goes On"...BTS, the hope of the Corona era revived by music [comprehensive]
"Life Goes On"...BTS, the hope of the Corona era revived by music [comprehensive]
BTS's goal, which topped the U.S. Billboard's Billboard 200 and topped the Hot 100 list, is now headed for the Grammy Awards. While candidates for the 63rd Grammy Awards will be announced on the 25th, major foreign media outlets have given a positive outlook that BTS will be nominated. U.S. media Billboard reported that BTS could be nominated for "Record of the Year" for "Dynamite," while the Associated Press predicted that it could be nominated for "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance."

"I think what I want to achieve more is a Grammy. Thankfully, we have the Billboard 'Hot 100' record, but we are about to announce the Grammy nominee, and I hope our name will be called there." RM said, "I talked to myself about the meaning of the Grammys and talked to the members," and added, "My ears are closed by the beginning of 30." Although not yet closed, the performances that I watched and listened to fiercely as trainees and middle and high school students seem to have left the strongest impression. I think the Grammy stage I saw was the most memorable and vaguely dreamed of being a Grammy," he said. "It could be greed or ambition, but I've always had a dream that I'd like to win a group-related award," J-Hope said. Actually, it's such an important part that I'm going to cry if I get it," he added.