They have established themselves as a global brand.

It means that BTS has become a universally acceptable brand all over the world.

It has successfully settled in the US music market by reaching the top of the Billboard Hot100 four times.

BTS has three number one debut songs, with less than ten singers including Ariana Grande and Drake having more than three songs in Billboard history.

BTS' strongest power is sales volume.

The streaming was only half as much as the second-place song of 'Hot 100', but it was 14 times more downloaded.

In the beginning, there was a view that fandom distorted the chart, but now the U.S. music industry is also paying attention.

The rising number of streaming and radio broadcasts also shows that it has entered the world's largest pop market.

In the American music industry, which has been struggling recently, BTS is now becoming a new model for the music industry beyond the "popular phenomenon."