[ BTS ALBUM ] No.1 V, BTS is not cooling down.


The news of V's No. 1 ranking has been reported.

V of BTS (BTS) was named the "2020 Artist of the Year" by foreign media.

V topped the "2020 Artist of the Year" by entertainment media BOUSNID, wrapping up 2020.

The vote, which took place from October 26 to the end of December 2020, was a two-month long-term vote.

Starting from the preliminary round, V won the final victory after a runoff vote.

The stars that vied for the final with V were movie star Cole Spruuse, teen-inspiring Tiktok star Emilio Martinez and Samuel Lopez.

Recently, V once again proved his strong influence by winning a number of titles such as "The Most Handsome K-pop Artist" and "Pop Icon" by wrapping up 2020.