BTS Appoints Presidential Special Envoy

U.N. General Assembly scheduled for Sept.

Moon Jae-in Bangtan Boys, the president 21 (bts) as ‘U.N. special envoy for future generations and cultures for the president (special presidential envoy for future generations and culture)’.

"This is a decision to lead global agendas for future generations, including sustainable growth, and to expand our diplomatic capabilities in the international community," presidential spokesman Park Kyung-mi said in a written briefing.

BTS is a special presidential envoy for future generations and cultures, and will attend major international conferences in September, including the 75th U.N. General Assembly, to convey comfort and hope to young people around the world. "We will also carry out various activities to promote international cooperation to solve global tasks such as improving the environment, improving poverty and inequality, and respecting diversity," Park said.