BTS did it again...BTS #1 Billboard 'Hot 100' for Korean songs

The group BTS (BTS) has reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 again. This time, it is all the more meaningful because it is ranked first with Korean songs.

Billboard said on November 30 (local time) that the title track "Life Goes On" from BTS's new mini-album "BE" topped the main single chart, "Hot 100."

This marks the first time that BTS has become a K-pop group to place a Korean song on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is the third time this year alone that they have achieved the top spot in "Hot 100." Previously, BTS topped the list of "Hot 100" for the first time with its single "Dynamite" released in August. "Dinermite" was not a Korean lyrics but an English song. Since then, he has again topped the list with "Hot 100" with "Savage Love," which he sang with Jason Derulo and Josh 685. "Savage Love" had some Korean lyrics, but it was a featuring song, not a song by BTS.
Group BTS /photos=HankyungDB
Group BTS /photos=HankyungDB

That's why "Hot 100" of "Life Goz On" means a lot. "Life Goz On" is the title track of BTS's new album "BE," which includes some English in the chorus, but most of the songs are in Korean. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that "dynamite" continues to reverse the trend. On the chart, 'Dinermite' rose again to rank third.

Billboard's "Hot 100" is a main single chart that ranks the most popular songs in the U.S. for a week by adding the number of music sales, streaming and radio broadcasts, and was considered a sanctuary for K-pop in that it is based on local popularity. BTS, who topped the charts for the first time with "Dinermite," has repeatedly topped the charts, writing a new history of K-pop.

Meanwhile, a day earlier, BTS topped Billboard's main album chart, "Billboard 200," with its new album "BE" on the 29th, showing signs of topping five albums in a row for the past two and a half years. As a group, it was the shortest period since the Beatles recorded it for two years and five months.

BTS's "BE" is an album that honestly describes the complex feelings of the members as they lived through the Corona 19 era. BTS put a message of consolation in "Life Goes On" despite facing an unwanted situation that forced him to stop running hard.