BTS dominates Billboard.

The group BTS (BTS) is showing strong influence on the U.S. Billboard chart.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard, a U.S. music media outlet, on the 5th (local time), Coldplay by BTS and My Universe, released on September 24 last year, ranked 72nd on the Billboard main single chart Hot 100. It rose 12 notches from the previous week, charting in for 14 consecutive weeks.

My Universe stood out on Billboard's various charts. It ranked 10th in Adult Pop Air Play, 10th in Canada Hot AC, 32nd in Pop Air Play, 32nd in Canadian Digital Song Sales, 34th in Canada CHR/TOP, and 56th in Canadian Hot 100, respectively.

In addition, the global summer song "Butter," which was released in May last year, re-entered the "Digital Song Sales" chart at 31st place. It also ranked seventh on the weekly chart of "Hot Trending Songs Power by Twitter" (hereinafter referred to as "Hot Trending Songs"). The "Hot Trending Songs" chart is a real-time ranking chart of the most mentioned songs on Twitter in the last 24 hours or the last 7 days, and Billboard will also release the results of the tally from Friday to next Thursday as a weekly chart, apart from the real-time chart.

BTS ranked four songs each on the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global (excluding the United States), which compiled streaming and sales from more than 200 countries/regions around the world and released their rankings. On the Billboard Global 200 chart, "Butter" ranked 41st, "My Universe" ranked 43rd, "Dynamite" ranked 70th, "Permission to Dance" ranked 136th, "Butter" ranked 29th, "My Universe" ranked 34th, and "Dynamite" ranked 34th on the Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.) chart.

On the other hand, SBS Monday-Tuesday drama "Christmas Tree," sung by BTS V, ranked 79th in the "Hot 100" chart, 1st in "Digital Song Sales," 2nd in "Top Selling Song," and 4th in the "Hot Trending Songs" weekly chart.