BTS in a suit...Group teaser photos of summer's new song "Butter" are released.

Group BTS (BTS) has released photos of their new single group teaser.

BTS posted a group teaser photo of the new song "Butter" on its official SNS (Social Network Service) on Thursday. Wearing a suit of various colors against the backdrop of the elevator, BTS boasts different personalities.

BTS, which has released seven consecutive outlet clips containing the concept clip teaser poster of "Butter" and object of each member since the 2nd, will continue to release contents related to "Butter."

"Butter" is an exciting and cheerful dance pop genre, a summer song that allows you to feel the soft yet charismatic charm of BTS.

BTS's new summer song "Butter" will be released simultaneously around the world at 1 p.m. on the 21st.