BTS' Las Vegas

"The City" is a project that introduced linked contents such as exhibition, shopping, food and beverage, and accommodation under the theme of BTS in Las Vegas, where BTS's concert will be held. Through the project, Hive delivered a more expanded fan experience by playing BTS's music at the Belagio Hotel fountain show in Las Vegas, staying in a BTS-themed hotel room, eating BTS's favorite food, watching BTS's photo exhibition, and shopping for BTS's goods.

According to Hive, an estimated 200,000 people from MGM Resort International gathered at the Bellagio Fountain Show to enjoy BTS's music and the city full of purple. About 70,000 visitors visited the "BTS Pop-up: Permission to Dance in Las Vegas," a large-scale pop-up store of about 2,800 pyeong. The number of payments for various official products, including the limited edition of the Las Vegas Tour "City Signature" that was introduced exclusively in the pop-up store, reached more than 30,000 and a total of about 93,000 at the official product sales store at concerts and live plays.

About 44,000 visitors visited the photo exhibition "BEHIND THE STAGE: PERMISSION TO DANCE," where you can see the preparation process of the concert tour and the undisclosed appearance behind the stage, and recorded only a total of 45,000 visitors, the world's largest electronic and IT exhibition held in the same city this year. The total number of visitors to the two programs, the pop-up store and the photo exhibition, was 114,000, recording more than 2.5 times the number of visitors compared to CES, where 45,000 people participated in more than 2,000 exhibitions.

More than 10,000 people visited the restaurant "CAFé IN THE CITY," which sold Korean food menus enjoyed by BTS. All 4,000 pre-booked tickets were sold out and additional on-site sales were also carried out at the concert after-party PARTY IN THE CITY. The "BTS Theme Room," which was held at 11 hotels under MGM Resort and International, was booked and operated with about 3,500 rooms.

BTSMore than 9.24 million hashtags related to "The City" poured out on Twitter during this period, which colored Las Vegas with "purple." In the case of #LASVEGAS, more than 8.5 million cases were mentioned from April 1 to the 17th, the end date of THE CITY, up 1,300% from the same period last year. This is 1.2 times more than the number of posts during the Grammy Awards held in Las Vegas just before THE CITY and about 8 times more than the number of posts during the CES.

Chris Baldizan, vice president of MGM Resort International, who worked with Hive on the THE CITY project, said, "The CITY of BTS, which dominated the entire Las Vegas, was very successful." "The excitement, passion, and energy of BTS's fan ARMY were very special, and it was even more amazing that the entire MGM resort was full of vitality for two weeks," he said. "Las Vegas is well known as the world's entertainment capital, but over the past two weeks, the city's energy has evolved to a whole new dimension."