BTS, the cover model for the June issue of Rolling Stone… First Subgroup

BTS (BTS) is the first Asian group to be named a cover model for the American pop culture magazine Rolling Stone.

"BTS will be the cover model for the June issue," Rolling Stone said on Instagram on the 13th (local time). "It deals with global success and musical evolution that breaks down their boundaries," and posted an interview article with BTS on its website. It is the first time since its inception in 1967 that a group of Asians has been selected as the magazine's cover model.

Rolling Stone covered BTS' formation and working methods in an article titled "BTS' Triumph: How Seven Young Superstars Rewrite the Rules of the Music Industry and Become the World's Most Popular Band." "I think everything we do and our existence are contributing to giving us hope to live in the current Genophobia era," leader RM said in an interview.