"Please find Jeju tourist attractions that BTS Jimin visited".

A photo zone certification event for Jeju attractions using world star BTS (BTS) will be held.

Jeju Tourism Organization (www.visitjeju).net) The "BTS Jimin Photo Zone Certification Event" will be promoted from the 11th to February 6th through the website.

In December last year, BTS member Jimin made headlines when he posted photos of his trip to Jeju, including Nuwemaru Street, Snoopy Garden, and Sagye Sulkumbadang, on his personal social network service (SNS) channel.

Interest in tourist attractions in Jeju Island, where Jimin visited, is soaring, especially among domestic and foreign fans, and he is actually visiting Jeju Island and taking a proof shot of the same pose as Jimin and posting it on his personal SNS.

The corporation newly created the "BTS Jimin Photo Zone" on Nuwemaru Street in Yeon-dong, Jeju-si.

To participate in the event, a photo taken after visiting the photo zone is Visitjeju (www.visitjeju).net) You can post it on the website.

Among the applicants, 200 selected through a lottery will be given a small cultural gift certificate, and the results of the prize will be announced through Visit Jeju.

In the future, the corporation plans to introduce the place and surrounding tourism contents visited by BTS Jimin as theme contents through the Visit Jeju website.

Kang Young-hwan, head of the integrated digital platform group at the Jeju Tourism Organization, said, "Through the global star's visit to Jeju, there is a new perspective and positive image of Jeju for the MZ generation. Through this opportunity, we will expand online marketing so that young people can continue their interest in Jeju attractions."