'Pop Legend' Billy Joel directly responds to BTS V

While BTS V picked Billy Joel as an artist to inspire, Billy Joel answered directly and drew attention.

In an interview with Weverse on the 29th of last month, V first selected American singer-songwriter Billy Joel as the artist who inspired 'Butter', and several foreign media including Billboard reported this fact.

Billy Joel is a composer, producer, and pianist who was called 'The Bard' or 'Piano Man' after his song, and is a musician who received great love. Received the 'Best Record Award' at the 21st Grammy Awards, the 'Best Album Award' and the 'Best Pop Male Vocal Award' at the 22nd Grammy Awards, and the 23rd Grammy Awards 'Best Male Rock Vocal Award' Grammy for 3 consecutive years. He was inducted into the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' in 1999 and won the Kennedy Center Award in 2013. Despite his age of 72, he is actively performing.

In response, Billboard and Newsday posted an article on the official website, Twitter, and Facebook of Billboard and Newsday, saying, "K-pop singer V (real name Kim Tae-hyung) answered 'Billy Joel' to a question about the artist who inspired 'Butter'. Posted on , both musicians' fans were surprised.

Newsday said in the article, "V talked about his love for classical artists and mentioned Billy Joel as the artist who inspired 'Butter'. Billy Joel was amazed at how well V communicates with his fans."