SUGA, COVID-19 completely cured..

Suga of the group BTS (BTS), who had been infected with COVID-19, was released from quarantine after being completely cured.

Big Hit Music, the agency, said on Weverse, a fan community, on the 3rd, "Suga was released from quarantine at 12 p.m. today as he was diagnosed with a cure for COVID-19."

Earlier, Suga was confirmed to have COVID-19 on the 24th of last month. After a concert held in Los Angeles (LA) from November to December last year, he entered Korea on December 23 after carrying out his personal schedule there, but was confirmed in the PCR test.

He completed the second round of vaccinations at the end of August last year and was found to have no special symptoms. Big Hit Music said, "Suga did not show any special symptoms of his health condition during the quarantine period and is currently recovering his condition while taking a break," adding, "We will continue to consider the health and safety of artists as a top priority and faithfully comply with quarantine guidelines."

Following Suga, RM and Jindo, who were confirmed on the 25th of last month, are expected to be cured soon and released from quarantine.